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11 May 2012 @ 11:13 am
My very short review of Avengers  
 I saw the Avengers last night.  I wasn't originally planning to, but there was so much buzz about it, from so many different types of people, that I decided I needed to see it. (Helped along by the fact that I am currently being archery obsessive)

I loved it.  I mean, it's a comic book movie, there is no earth-shattering insight, or major cultural significance here.  It is nothing really but big hollywood commercialized escapism.  Which it does very very well.  It has all the pieces, which is why I think it appeals so widely.  It has a story, the plot isn't complicated, and it shouldn't be in a movie with so much going on, but it is there.  It's got characters.  Helped here by have several other movies in which to develop them, but amazingly they manage to clearly include the major character points within the movie its self in a way that is clear to people who haven't seen the others (I hadn't).  It has full-bore dramatic heroic moments, plenty of light quips, action sequences you can actually follow without the benefit of years play computer games, and meaningful interaction both friendly and hostile between all the various characters.  It looked cool.  It made you feel good.  The actors/actresses were hot.

Here is a movie that earned its record breaking money, not by doing one bit of movie making better that it had ever been done before, but by doing all the bits to a very high standard.  I will pay it the highest compliment I am able.  I drove over 100miles round-trip and paid full-price for my ticket, and I don't regret doing so at all.  
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