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10 March 2012 @ 06:45 pm
Gallifrey One costume pictures  
 For those of my friends who haven't seen my costumes from this year's Gallifrey One Doctor Who convention, or who want to see more pictures than I posted elsewhere, here you are.

So, on the Friday I was River Song.  The first of my costumes was the outfit from this season's episode Day of the Moon.  I had been pointed towards the AllSaints dress by some helpful soul on LJ, and once I got a look at its construction, I couldn't resist buying it to get a closer look.  Once I had it , of course, the costume needed to be done.

River with Eleven.

River with mini-Eleven

River threatening the fez of femme Eleven.

Later that day, after getting a bit cold in that dress, I put on my other River costume, this one from last season's Big Bang.

River and River

Four Rivers

Five River's and Eleven.

Six River's and Toby Haynes!  Who made my dinner hour by saying how much he liked this outfit as I was headed in to eat.  Squee!  As he is the one who directed Alex Kingston in it.

The next day I was dressed as the companion Peri from the 80s, specifically from the episode Planet of Fire. I lucked out and found a great guy who was doing the 5th Doctor from the same episode!  This is a big coincidence, since the Doctor only wears this in that one episode.

And, because Peri goes for a dip in that episode, I also did the bikini shot.

The final day I brought out my femme Six from last year, this time with River's wig to give it the appropriate curls.

And a slightly blurry picture of me with another Six.

A comparison of Six shoes

And a few shots from the Femme Doctor photoshoot, where I represented for Six.

And that was all of my costumes from Gallifrey.  I hope to return next year with at least three more.
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