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03 February 2012 @ 10:59 pm
Birka Projects  
 Birka was this past weekend, and overall it went very well.  Not the best ever.  There were some interpersonal dramas that put various people (including myself at one point) in less than perfect moods, but nothing dire happened.  I spent money like I haven't in a while, and got to see a bunch of good people.

From a project standpoint it was a very satisfying day.  Three of my recently finished projects made an appearance, to generally good receptions.  I was very happy with that, so thanks to everyone who told me they liked something.

So this is what I was wearing:

The dress was mostly finished last year, but I did have to complete a lot of details that I skipped just to get it wearable then.  Now I can really call it done.  The hair piece and veil are new.  Here is a close-up:

I need to get some more sheer silk to make a longer veil out of, but this finally did come together well, I think.

We also had the doublet I did out of the hand-woven wool show up.  I admit I was hoping it would, but you never can tell what someone will feel like wearing on the day.  I think he put together a pretty nice over-all outfit.  I wouldn't have thought of stripped pants, but I really liked them.  It was good to get a picture of it as part of a whole.

And last but most definitely not least my C in his brand new Houppelande.

I had finished the main doublet, pants, and shirt for Pennsic, but I added the tie-in sleeves and the Houp in time for Birka.  He was a real sport about wearing all the layers.  This project had been sitting in the To Do pile for years, so it was good to get it done.  I used this method   http://www.virtue.to/articles/circle_houp.html#garments for anyone wondering.

And that was what I brought to Birka.  Even though the theme this year was definitely viking. There were some amazing examples of the viking dress walking around.  Kudos to everyone who finished something new for the event.
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